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Your personal smart dialer.

Available on the iOS App Store

Fast and Beautiful

phonetrait is one of the best and most intuitive apps to call your friends, family and colleagues as quick as possible by presenting you the contact pictures for your contacts from your address book in a smart order.

App der Woche: Praktische Kurzwahl-Funktion fürs iPhone. ★★★★ - ComputerBild 5/2012


Smart Ordering

phonetrait will show you the 15* most active contacts, sorted by activity. Activity is determined by how often and how recently a person has been contacted.
You can also add favorites, which will be always visible.

phonetrait will create the ordering based on your calls made with phonetrait. It is not possible to read or detect calls made with the built in phone app.

* 12 contacts on devices with a 3.5-inch screen, 15 on devices with a 4-inch screen.

With frequently used contacts only a few touches away, you know you are never far from the people
that matter most in your life.
- All 4 You App Reviews


Call, SMS, iMessage, FaceTime, Mail & Twitter

If you tap on one of your contacts picture, phonetrait will show you an overview for this contact, where you are able to initiate a phone or a FaceTime call. You are also able to send a text message (sent as iMessage if possible) or an email. Sending @-Replies or Direct Messages using Twitter is also supported.

Phone calls and SMS requires an iPhone. iMessage requires iOS 5+. FaceTime requires a compatible device.

Eine elegante Alternative zu einer der elementarsten iPhone-Funktionen. - iFun | iPhone


Notes, Addresses, Websites, Photos, ...

You can even view your contacts notes, addresses, websites and photos right within phonetrait.

Dial P For Phonetrait's Picture-Perfect Version 2.0 - AppAdvice

Online Pictures

Integrating Social Profiles

By showing you the contact pictures it is easier to recognize a contact at a glance. Phonetrait helps you to get a picture for every contact by searching for a picture on various online sources*. You are also able to start the image search manually to check if there is a more recent photo available.

* supported image sources: Twitter, FaceBook, Gravatar, Tumblr, Flickr, Dribbble, Instagram, Google

Intuitive iPhone address book to die for. -

Default Pictures

Recognize Even Contacts Without Picture

To allow you to quickly recognize even the contacts with missing profile pictures, phonetrait assigns them one of five different colors. According to the contact details* phonetrait can even assign different default pictures.
phonetrait also allows you to save the default picture in a desired color to your contacts.

* such as name, company, job title, department, ...

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Contact Search

If the contact you need to call is not in your top three, in your recent calls or in the random contacts, you can access your full address book with just one tap.

Phonetrait is a contact book that sorts contacts by how often and how recently they have been contacted. - macnn



By adding a contact to your favorites you'll make sure, that the contact is shown every time you launch phonetrait.

The number of favorites is unlimited. However phonetrait will only show the most active contacts*.

* 12 contacts on devices with a 3.5-inch screen, 15 on devices with a 4-inch screen.


full name, last name,
first name, nickname, ...

In the settings app on your phone you can change how phonetrait should display the contacts name. There you'll also find the option to show random contacts or to deactivate the auto saving of found contact pictures.



phonetrait also bring its own keypad, to allow you to call people, who aren't in your contacts yet, making phonetrait a full featured replacement for the built-in phone app.

L'application phonetrait ou ce qu'aurait du faire Apple pour son application Téléphone. - @VivianRoldo

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