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... and all the stuff that doesn't fit into a category.


Shirt designs

I am creating designs for t-shirts, which are available to purchase on the spreadshirt marketplace.

Most of my illustrations and some of the logos are available as t-shirts on the spreadshirt marketplace. If the one you want is not available please contact me.


Logo Design

A sample collection of different logos I designed.

Click the image to view the gallery.

Cubes[ ]

cubes[ ]

Interactive application created with Processing showing cubes reacting to sound input. This project was shown at 'Die Lange Nacht der Museen' 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Click the animation to download cubes[ ].

B0X[ ];

B0X[ ];

Poster generated from the cubes[ ] project. Three color hand printed silkscreen on DIN A2 in two variations.
The white lines on the left, is the processing source code for the cubes[ ] application.


Follow me on dribbble to see my work in progress.



I am interested in typography and I love to draw letters. To view more of my stuff associated with graffiti (like canvas, sketches and walls), please look at this gallery.

For more projects I was involved in please contact me.